What you need to know about Development Application

A Development Application (DA) is a formal request to your Local Council to carry out building works that are subject to your councils Development Control Plan (DCP) and Local Environmental Plan(LEP).

A Development Application generally consists of a collection of documents (including application forms, plans and consultants’ reports if required) and is submitted to your local Council for assessment and approval for your project.

For some projects, the development application process can be swift and simple. However, for more complex applications, it can be a lengthy, time consuming and frustrating process.

Having a compliant design for quick & easy approval

All proposed building works need specific drawings and documentation to be submitted for approvals. Each council have a different set of regulations that need to be adhered to which are listed within their DCP’s.

These covenants dictate the building setbacks, site coverage, aesthetics etc. of your building. If you are wishing to push the boundaries of the DCP, it can still be approved but it may need assessment on its merits against the performance criteria.

Action Plans Building Design is a team of experienced and qualified Building Designers who will design your project in the best possible way so as it will be approved by council. If after their initial assessment we believe there will be any complications with your proposed design we will advise you and give you the option to adjust the design so it will comply and get approved or proceed with your original plans at your own risk.

If we guarantee it will get approved and council come back with any issues, Action Plans will adjust the drawings free of charge to comply.

Steps after the DA is lodged

Generally, after a DA is lodged, the process is as follows:

  1. Your DA will be placed on public exhibition. This allows interested parties, such as your neighbours or local businesses, to view your development plans and raise any concerns.
  2. Council assesses your DA against the relevant controls, including State Environmental Planning Policies, Local Environmental Plans and Development Control Plans.
  3. If your DA fails to comply with one of the controls, this doesn’t mean it will be automatically refused. Council will undertake a merit assessment to decide whether the positives of your approval outweigh the negatives.
  4. If your DA is successful, you will be granted development consent. There may be some conditions of consent imposed, such as works that must be carried out before occupation or materials that can be used.
  5. If your DA is unsuccessful, you can request for council to review the determination (with or without amendments to your original DA) or lodge an appeal at the Land and Environment Court.

Action Plans have an in-depth understanding of local councils and The Building Codes of Australia, second to none within the building design industry. We are constantly ensuring we are up-to-date with industry changes and we work closely with you to ensure your design requirements are met and guarantee council approval. We aim to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for all our clients.

We can take care of complicated paperwork in North Shore, Northern Beaches and Sydney and fill out all necessary forms needed for a council submission – so you don’t have to stress about the logistical requirements of completing this process. We’ll put together a professional proposal pack and personally deliver your project to council and continue to follow up on the projects process and final approval status.

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