Michele Project – Enjoy your Outdoor Living Space All Year

At Action Plans we love our indoor-outdoor spaces, using stylish furniture and sophisticated materials to blur the lines between the interior and exterior parts of the home. An example of a recent project that was transformed just from the outdoor area is Michele project. Prior to this renovation this home had a substantial backyard with a lot of opportunity to create the outdoor recreational areas our clients so badly wanted. With design input from Action Plans, our clients where able to capitalise on their open space and create an amazing space in which their family can use including a new pool and covered deck flowing straight from the existing lounge area. 

An easy way to convert your summer outdoor area is if you simply add a source of heat near seating areas. Besides warming up cold guests, a fire is a nice place to gather around. Permanent or portable, consider one of these ways to heat things up:

  • Fire Pit
  • Outdoor Fireplace
  • Outdoor Heater

For our Michele Project our client decided to go with an outdoor fireplace to help make this outdoor area usable all year round.

Dinning outside in summer around the BBQ is as Australian as it gets but you can be utilising an outdoor kitchen over autumn and winter as well.

Things to think about when setting up an outdoor kitchen/bar is how you would like to use the space.

– Is it central to your existing kitchen and therefore can just be used for cooking, and cleaning to be done inside, or do you need to incorporate a sink or even a dishwasher drawer?

– Will you need an extractor and if so where would it be installed?

– Can the outdoor kitchen be used comfortably year-round or do you need to install an awning, or a heater?

– Straight drop awnings can provide protection in both summer and winter while also stopping those pesky flies in the warmer months.

An outdoor kitchen that intuitively fits the space and flows on from the rest of the home can add value when it comes to sale time.

At Action Plans we can design an indoor/outdoor area that suits the family all year round. Please contact us on 0426 857 518 or design@actionplans.com.au to design your dream home.

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